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Greenfield Parks

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Greenfield Parks Construction Lily Lake Dock

Parks Maintenance & Recreation Management in the Peace River Country of Alberta


Operated by: Doug & Maggie Greenfield:

12 years as Park Ranger / Area Supervisor with British Columbia Provincial Parks - Manning Park / Vancouver Island
13 years as Park Operations Supervisor with Alberta Provincial Parks - Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park
1 year park maintenance with CRD - Capital Regional Parks Victoria, B.C.
6 years Park Construction & Park Management Contractor Peace River Country
6 years Recreation Management / West Smoky Recreation Centre Eaglesham, AB.
Several years teaching Park staff / F&W officers and RCMP ATV safety and riding techniques for extreme back country /off road driving.

Truck and 16ft. trailer
Quads & quad trailer
Hand tools
Carpentry tools
Mechanical tools

Hazard Tree Felling in Eaglesham Park

Hazard tree removal by Greenfield Parks
Greenfield Parks Equipment

Equipment loaded for Spring Scurry Run

Intrepetive trail building at Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park

Interpretive Trail Construction
at Lesser Slave Lake

Dock Construction at Lily Lake by Doug Greenfield

Dock & lakeside trail construction
at Lesser Slave Lake

Doug & Maggie Greenfield at the Eaglesham Golf Course

Doug & Maggie Greenfield

Eaglesham Lakeside Golf Course
Golf Course Website constructed and maintained by us

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Eaglesham Park
Eaglesham Park & Eaglesham website Constructed and Maintained by us

Sign Construction by Greenfield Parks

Sign construction with Summer Student

Parks Equipment designed and built by Greenfield Parks

Construction of New X Country Ski Packer and Track Setter for Eaglesham Park

Bridge and trail construction in LSLPP by Doug Greenfield

Bridge and boardwalk construction
at Lesser Slave Lake

Eaglesham Park Construction by Greenfield Parks

Water & Powerline Construction at Eaglesham Park

Doug & Maggie Greenfield on Lesser Slave Lake

Doug & Maggie on Lesser Slave Lake at -35 degrees.

Recreation Centre Maintenance by Greenfield Parks

West Smoky Rec Centre Maintenance

Eaglesham Park /
Eaglesham Agricultural Society

Park & Website Constructed by Doug Greenfield

West Smoky Recreation Centre

Rec Centre & Fitness Rooms Managed by:
Greenfield Parks & Recreation

Greenfield Parks is a division of Artscript Canada /
Douglas & Margaret Greenfield